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Salisbury Arts Centre Studio: 01722 34 30 34

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Mirka Golden-Hann - Ceramic Artist - About

In her present practice Mirka concentrates on the potential for ceramics to communicate concepts beyond common utility. She explores new methods of engaging the onlooker with the artwork: by creating interactive installations, time specific work, the animation of vessels to music, or the projection of film onto the surface of a vessel. This involves collaboration with other disciplines, which she finds to be an exciting new direction since it allows for the engagement of different senses concurrently.

As a result of her MA colour and colour theory have been of particular interest to Mirka. Earlier pieces have examined the visual effects that may be attained through colour juxtaposition: effects such as centrifugal and centripetal movement, pulsating and fluttering, and the eye’s propensity to see afterimages. More recent pieces have explored the personal meaning that colour has for us all and  its role in determining emotional responses, together with challenging conventional  forms of containment.

This philosophy is applied to Mirka’s tableware as well, where single vessels offer the user the dilemma of choice. Mirka’s particular fascination lies in the conscious and unconscious motivation behind that choice. 

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