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Mirka Golden-Hann - Ceramic Artist - Collaborative Work

Dark Blue World

This piece is a result of conversations with Gini Churchill and explores feelings associated with sensory deprivation whilst engaging those of touch, sight and hearing. 

Gini Churchill

In the dark is bad enough,

but I cannot see.

am aware the blackness

is all around me,

but I cannot see.

I see only that I see nothing

I see that

if I could allow myself to see

I would see

more: my head, my body, legs, two hands -

I cannot see.

Where is my perfect vision?

Lost under cloud,

impenetrable blue cloud.

I don’t know which way to go

or where; or if I wear blue,

dark-blue hat upon my head,

is this delusion?

I have no hunger, so why

have I an appetite?

I have no hunger, so why

has my soul such yearning?

Accompanied by audio recording of Jaroslav Jezek’s ‘ Tmavomodry Svet’

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